Call for Speakers

We are now accepting proposals for the World Medical Tourism Congress Asia-Pacific 2015 October 31 – November 2nd in Guilin, China

The submission deadline is August 31th, 2015

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to speak at Asia-Pacific’s premier global healthcare event. Interested speakers should complete the Call for Speakers Form on the right. Please note that only complete forms will be considered. We are accepting topics in all areas of Medical Tourism, Medical Travel, Health Tourism, Health Travel, and related fields including:

  • Medical Tourism Trends & Best Practices
  • Medical Tourism
  • Medical tourism research
  • Healthcare development
  • Wellness
  • Healthcare investment
  • Global benefits
  • Sustainable healthcare
  • Public private partnerships
  • Health tourism
  • Clinical Quality Improvement
  • Healthcare Free Trade Zones

Presentation Formats


These are 50 minute to two hour interactive workshops that allow you to engage in an intimate manner with your peers. For attendees, this open dialogue format promotes informal discussion, collaboration, and provides practical solutions that they can immediately implement in their own organizations. Sessions will be held at informal round-tables to help encourage the sharing of information and ideas among participants. To keep attendees engaged, it is expected that you include practical demonstrations, role playing, and small group activities into your presentation.


These 50 minute presentations are focused on one of our cutting-edge educational conference tracks: Medical Tourism research, Global Benefits, Wellness, Public private partnerships, Clinical Quality improvement, or Healthcare Free Trade Zones.

For those interested in speaking in one of our breakout sessions, please submit your paper or presentation idea in one of the following three ways:

  1. Recommend a Single Presenter: The session should focus on cutting-edge topics that would be of keen interest to our attendees. Case studies with survey or research results are especially encouraged.
  2. Recommend a Multiple Speaker Session: The presentation in this format should consist of two – three presenters with an important position (e,g, director, founder, CEO, Medical director, ect…) or ample experience in medical tourism, healthcare, wellness or travel. Speaking times should be allotted equally amongst all presenters.
  3. Recommend a Panel Discussion: A panel discussion is intended to provide our attendees with substantive insight into an issue from varying perspectives. Panel sessions should consist of three or four presenters and a moderator. Panelists may be drawn from different disciplines and professional affiliations. The goal of this format is to bring together a diversity of views and perspectives on relevant themes from a wide-range of industry experts.


This is a 20-45 minute Keynote addressing up to 400 attendees on a timely issue that is relevant to medical tourism and global healthcare delivery. Interested parties should be experienced and engaging speakers with a track record in successful live presentations. Senior level executives, motivational speakers, best-selling authors and governmental organizations are preferred.

Speakers, presenters and panelists should refrain from promoting themselves and their businesses during presentations. While it may be necessary for a presenter to refer to his or her company by name during the presentation, promotional efforts of any kind are considered a serious breach of the spirit of the conference.

What we are looking for

Our attendees desire practical information and insightful tips that they can immediately put into practice in their business or organization. We are not interested in sales-oriented presentations that promote you or your business. We encourage speakers to present Case studies and original research results. Please make sure that your proposal offers tangible value to the audience including customer perspectives, lessons learned, best practices, and performance metrics. Please be mindful that our attendees come from many ethnic/language backgrounds so it is important to present using simple language that can be understood by everyone. It is also important to avoid over using clichés which may not be understood by people from other cultural backgrounds.

Proposals are reviewed according to specific criteria, including:

  • Subject matter that is unique, relevant and timely to the industry
  • Research and statistics
  • Case study results and/or examples
  • Presentations that includes practical information that attendees can immediately implement
  • Key learning objectives and take away value for attendees
  • The presenter’s speaking experience
  • Supporting documentation such as past presentations, published white paper and/or articles on a similar subject matter

Important Information for Healthcare Providers & other Vendors

  • Healthcare providers or vendors interested in securing one of our sought-after sessions are encouraged to include patient/buyer co-presenters in their proposal submission. Proposals that include a patient and/or a healthcare buyer as a co-presenter will be given preference.
  • Speakers, presenters and panelists have been asked to refrain from promoting themselves and their businesses during presentations. While we do understand that at it may be necessary at times to refer your business by name, promotional efforts of any kind are considered a serious breach of the spirit of the conference.

Conference Fees & Hotel Accommodation

As per official policy of the WMTC Asia-Pacific 2015, no speakers, presenters or panelists will be paid to attend the conference, this includes keynote speakers. All speakers must pay full registration fees, travel expenses and hotel accommodations. It is only in rare cases that speaker fees are waived. Some speakers may be eligible for funding through our VIP Hosted Buyers Program.

Magazine Publication Opportunities

The Conference is affiliated with the Medical Tourism Magazine. The Medical Tourism Magazine is a Bi-monthly online and print publication covering the medical tourism and global wellness industry. The Magazine addresses important issues and topics of discussion affecting the Medical tourism industry including Hospital Quality, the Patient Experience, Healthcare Reform, Corporate Wellness, and Self-Funding. The publication includes a printed Congress Issue that is distributed to congress attendees at the annual event.

Papers submitted will also be considered for the Printed Congress Issue of Medical Tourism Magazine.

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