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Medical tourism is a growing phenomenon with policy implications for health systems, particularly of destination countries. Private stakeholders and governments in the Asia-Pacific region are promoting their medical and wellness offering as a way to increase tourism, generate income and employment and boost local healthcare quality.

However, the potential impact on health systems, particularly in terms of equity in access and availability for local patients, is still unclear. Shifting demographics in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly among the growing elderly population, is increasing the need for more specialized medical services. The rising incidence of chronic conditions is also fueling demand for more and better health services.

Why attend WMTC Asia-Pacific 2015?

  • Learn how to position your country as a leading medical tourism destination.
  • Find out what a government’s role should be in marketing a destination
  • Network with government colleagues from other regions to learn best practices in medical tourism through successful case studies.
  • Find out the benefits of developing a Healthcare City or Medical Tourism Zone.
  • Attract healthcare investment and economic development in your country by connecting with investors.
  • Learn how medical tourism can improve the quality of healthcare for your local population.
  • Get insight about cutting edge research and statistics on medical tourism.